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What to Expect

Day of Surgery

Please be sure your driver is with you at the time of registration at AAESC**

Things to bring the day of Surgery:

  • Insurance card(s)
  • Driver’s license/ID card
  • Co-payment if applicable 
  • POA if applicable
  • A list of medications/supplements you are currently taking
  • The green forms that you were given when you scheduled your surgery, located in your blue folder
  • Any medical devices you may require while in surgery; example: Rescue inhalers, wireless glucose meters, smartphone glucose meters, hearing aid, walking assistance devices

Please wear button up, or loose fitting shirt day of surgery

Please leave all items of value at home or with your driver; jewelry, purses, wallets, cellular phones, hats, scarves

Expect to be at the Surgery center between 2-4 hours

We kindly request that our drivers stay within 10 minutes of the facility 

**If using a transportation company, please be sure they are a Medical transportation with CPR certified drivers; i.e. no taxi, Uber or Lyft will be deemed acceptable  

After Surgery

What to expect

  • A sensation of dryness and irritation
  • Increased tearing
  • Sensitivity of light
  • Mild redness in and around the eye(s)
  • Blurry foggy vision, which will improve with time


  • Because of the sedation you received, take it easy today
  • Avoid rubbing your eye
  • Avoid swimming pools/hot tubs or putting your head under water (for 2 weeks)
  • Do not make any important legal decisions
  • Do not drive
  • Avoid alcohol

What to report to your surgeon

  • Unrelieved pain in and around the eye
  • A very red and inflamed eye
  • Flashes of light, followed by a reduced or loss of vision or shadow in your vision

If you are experiencing any of the above please call our 24-hour number at (505) 888-5757 and speak to the Dr. on call 

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